Creativity in Design

On a consultancy basis we provide small and medium sized businesses with the technical expertise to offer their customers high quality cost effective tensile membrane project solutions.

Light Weight Structures are the leaders in creativity and innovation for tensile fabric structures. We love our curves, voluptuous shapes and the free form approach so evident in our past projects small, medium and large.


When delivering creative design understanding the limitations of fabrics, cabling and structural components for varying forms and applications is crucial. Knowing how to group structural elements to maximize each components potential is a competence developed through experience.

Flexible Dynamics

Our design team understands the flexible dynamics of the Lightweight structural product. In-house we complete the full scope of design and engineering for every fabric structure, this includes the architectural design, engineered design and fabric patterning.

Form and Curvature

Completing all work in house allows us to understand the dynamics of a fabric structure. It’s from this information we apply form, getting the appropriate curvature, aesthetic appearance and function from our canopies