Custom Fabric Tensile Membrane Shade Structures

Custom Tensile Fabric Structures

“Custom Tensile Fabric Designs are limited only by the imagination of the designer and the strength of the materials”.

Light Weight Structures best, most creative work is done in conjunction with architects. Our skill base, technologies and vast past experience allows our design and engineering team to transform an architects vision into an engineered structural form.

What are Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures are free form membrane structures, allowing design freedom, which is not possible with other traditional building materials. Shapes which up until now were only daydreams are now possible, and more.

Benefits of Fabric Structures

Modern technology and innovation has brought about sweeping transformations in development of fabric materials. These revolutionary materials can be modeled into sturdy, yet delicate looking three dimensional curvilinear shapes, which seem to float weightlessly, but are immensely strong, durable, technically advanced and economical to construct.

Free form

The free-flowing forms inherent with fabric structures are difficult and costly to achieve with conventional building material. The pure elegance of synthetic tensile architecture allows for geometric designs and forms that will compliment any type of building material from glass to stone.

“The endless creative possibilities of fabric structures give a wonderful opportunity to create”.

Atmosphere under Fabric Shade

The atmosphere inside a fabric structure is unlike that of a conventional building. Fabric diffuses daylight, softens the acoustics and even the way air moves through the space are different.

Uses of Fabric Structures

Tensile structure fabrics may be used as the shell of a building, as a membrane roof or the structural cladding. In a smaller role, it may serve as a shading system, skylight, or entrance sunshade canopy. We work with knitted shade clothes, PVC and PTFE fabrics for permanent structures.

Unique benefits of a custom tensile fabric structures

  • Fabric structures cover large areas or spans with minimum supports where traditional building materials would be impractical
  • The unique appeal of the fabric structure in regard to lighting effects
  • Fabric canopies can be taken down
  • The individualized tensile architecture, design and style of a fabric structure is limited only by imagination

Applications for custom tensile fabric structures

  • Fabric structures can create a statement in the entryways to commercial buildings
  • Sporting venues and stadiums can utilize fabric structures in many areas
  • Fabric structures offer an architect unlimited design ability for structures at shopping malls, aquatic center’s, and amusement parks
  • Fabric structures can be used as car sunshades for cars parked at shopping centers/malls, airports etc.