Fabric Patterning

Engineering the Fabric for Tensile Membranes

Over eighteen years Trevor Scott has developed his proficiency in patterning tensile fabric structures, patterning canopies both large and small as diverse as circus tents, stadium canopies, conic forms, saddle structures, ridge and valley hypar sails and commercial shaded car parking – just about every shape and creative form possible. In fact it’s fair to say Light Weight Structures working as a consultant to the fabrics industry in the USA, Australia and Middle East has patterned more canopies than many of the largest design and construct companies around the world. Our impressive gallery of completed projects is testament to this fact.

Patterning affects function and appearance

Excellence in fabric patterning is crucial to the successful appearance and function of a tensile fabric structure. Patterning affects the longevity of the fabric canopy and the compliance with architectural fabric warranties. Bad patterning has serious consequences including water ponding on the tensile membrane, unacceptable appearance and project failure.

Fabric patterning is an important component in the design phase of a fabric project. It’s about more than driving software. It is dependent on the operators understanding of the tensile properties of architectural fabric, compensation allowances and the differing edge fixities in relation to the choice of pattern configuration. Both competence and confidence is required to realize innovation and develop creative forms with stunning appearance and function.

Software, Intuition and past experience

With a combination of past experience and intuition Trevor Scott uses the latest in task specific software to produce the most complex patterns for tensile membrane canopies.

Our Patterning Guarantee

Our patterning systems result in the most economical use of fabric. Incorporated in our systems are checks and balances ensuring all patterning is guaranteed to be accurate.