How Can We Help Your Business

Regardless of your location Light Weight Structures can work with you and your Business

We can help your business grow, reach out to the community, recapture attention, protect from the harsh sun and all other weather conditions, and much more. Using the services of Light Weight Structures, your business can have a fabric structures specialist designer, engineer and consultant working with your team for just a fraction of the cost of employing someone less competent in-house.

If you are reading this page, more than likely you’re either involved in the shade industry or a supported and related industry like supplying awnings, or playgrounds or steel fabrication, or possibly a landscape architect or fabric structures marketer. Whatever your background I’m sure you’ve experienced finding a potential fabric project that was beyond the normal resources of your company and thought;

thinkman“If I had someone to help me with this project, someone who could help with the design and costing, someone who understood the problems relating to manufacture and installation, I could tackle this project.”

Let me supply a Senario

A local restaurant has contacted you, they want to construct an outdoor eating area as part of an overall renovation. The restaurant wants something special in an awkward position, and like everyone they have a set budget.

  • What innovative designs will you put forward to suit the restaurants budget?
  • What are the manufacturing and installation problems associated with the various designs?
  • How will your company present a visual proposal to the client so powerful that they will fully understand the design and will have total confidence in the ability of your company to build an innovative quality project?
  • Who will supply you with design and engineering documentation including reaction loads and design certification for regulatory purposes, steel component working drawings, fabric patterns for canopy manufacture, cable schedule and corner plate detail drawings?
  • Who will offer technical support during the installation of the project?

For our clients Light Weight Structures has design tools including the Sun Master App and Form Finder software that allow for the fast accurate collection of important design information.

How Light Weight Structures works with your company:

When working with Light Structures, you supply us information via email using the following steps.
  1. Complete the project information form. This document provides us with standard information to commence a dialogue.
  2. Attach site plans and preliminary sketches
  3. Attach photographs of the site
  4. Provide us with an understanding of what your client is wanting to achieve use the budget vrs aesthetics vrs function equation. For example is their priority an eye catching design to differentiate their building from others (aesthetics), or to offer maximum weather protection (function), or a cheap a chips weather proofing solution or perhaps a combination of all of the above.
  5. Light Weight Structures having received this information will have a representative telephone you and have a further chat gaining more information. Fully equipped with all relevant information we will provide you with a fee proposal for our involvement.
  6. Having engaged Light Weight Structures we then commence our scope of work providing conceptual design and design and engineering documentation.
  7. When the project is being built we are call to support with any installation issues.

We’re confident in our systems and processes having designed, engineered and constructed large scale projects at numerous locations throughout Australia, USA, Middle East and Asia.