the Sun Master

Sunmaster App: Understanding how shade works

If you’re involved in the Shade industry you need to understand the sun’s path and how shade works! You need to able to quickly and accurately predict ‘what degree of shade cover’ a particular type of shade solution will deliver at any, see figure 1.

• location
• anytime of day
• any day during the year.

Ideal for shade designers the Sun Master App with shadow length calculator, Azimuth and Elevation angle predictor and augmented reality function allows the designer to accurately determine sun positioning indoors, outdoors and on cloudy days.

Ideal for shade designers the Sunmaster App allows the designer to determine the sun’s path, the shadowing effective and placement of shade on the ground. See figure 2.

The Sun Master App has an augmented reality feature. Augmented reality is defined as ‘a live or direct view of the physical or real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory input’. The App allows the user through the camera function of the phone to view a live landscape and determine exact sun position. This feature can also be used to identify the exact location of the sun in an indoor environment or on a cloudy day. See figure 3.

The screen illustrates altitude angle, azimuth angle of the particular view as well as the exact sun location. The Sun Master App allows the user to change the date and time on the device and visualize the exact sun position on the chosen date and time settings. ie. The user places the camera feature at the proposed positioning of the shade. The Sun Master App illustrates the position of the sun today. Then to identify the position of the sun on a specific date the user changes the settings in the date function the augmented reality function demonstrates the outcome of the change of date and sun position – the user is able to graphically see a real worldview of the position of the sun at the nominated date.

By demonstrating this to the client an accurate shade solution can be developed with the client having an immediate and exact understanding of the proposal.

Sun Master App Features:

  • Azimuth angle predictor (sun position locator). Identifies the direction of the sun.
  • Elevation angle predictor illustrating the sun position in relationship to the horizon.
  • Shadow length calculator
  • Augmented reality sun positioning

Case Study:

I want to design a shade structure at a school Sydney, Australia.

I want the shade to be effective during the school lunch breaks 2 pm.
I want the shade to fall on the ground in a particular location at 2 pm.

Step One: Set date (30 April 2013) photo one
Step Two: Set location (Sydney, NSW, Australia) photo two and three location
Step Three: Set time (2.01 pm) photo four
Step Four: Result:
Azimuth Angle displayed (323.95 degrees)
Elevation Angle displayed (34.14 degrees)
Shadow Ratio (1.47)
Shadow ratio x Height (Column) = Shadow length

Step Five: Set Shade Structure Height (4.5)
Step Six: Result:
Shadow Length (6.62) (photo five)
Step Seven: Augmented Reality Display (photo six) Display of sun position
predicting the length of shadow at a set time. This is vital information required by the designer to determine exact shade position on the ground created by the shading device.

With these two functions the designer is able to predict the position of the sun and therefore the shadow ratio any time of date.

The Sun Master App is an innovation developed by Design Engineer Trevor Scott specifically for those building designers working in the shade industry.